Team foundation

Backlog Knowledge in Team Foundation Server

By Lieselot, 24 oktober 2014

I maintain the backlog for my scrum team in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS). 


The software was updated for the company in 2014 and new rules and guidelines where created by the Team Leaders (TL) in Romania. In the beginning there were some question among Product Managers (PM) how to use TFS. The use varies between the TL, developers and PM.

So I dove into this new software and took on the role of translating the rules and guidelines for the Product Managers. And wrote a small tutorial document with all the rules, guidelines and reasons.

I became the contact person for question and suggestion form PM and provided  Romania with feedback for new functions/improvements to the software.

Example of an improvement suggested specific for the company 

We use order for all the task and features to define the priority in a Sprint. Product Backlog Items on the top have more priority than items below. It was first not possible to change the order in a sprint and for PM this was very important. This was fixed successful.