Wishlist under construction

9 november 2015

For a personal project, I’m currently working on a new family wishlist. The old one is getting really awkward on some devices and it is time for an update. My eldest brother takes care of the back-end and I’m taking care of the design, interaction design and front end.

de steiger-17

100% Navy T-shirt Family

15 mei 2015

Created three T-shirts for the whole family as answer for the news that there expecting a baby boy.



22 maart 2015

Based on the things-to-do-today planner. I’ve created a “Stabiplanner” book for when I work in Stabiplan. Do you see the joke here?! This book is optimized for scrum notes (left page) and task and/or questions (right page).


Photobook Philippines in 30 days

10 februari 2015

Photobook created with InDesign CS6 about our backpack trip to the Philippines in 2014. The photos are shot RAW + JPG for optimal light information. 



5 december 2013

Created for Sinterklaas.


Photobook Netherlands 2013

10 september 2013

Holiday 2013. Created with Photoshop and InDesign. I experimented with the Google Nic Color Efex Pro to adjust my Photos a little bit very much.


First portfolio experiment

30 juni 2012

For my own company I’ve created some sort of portfolio page to show the customer who I was. This was in  2012 with Komodo Edit and CSS3.


Table game

5 december 2011

Created for Sinterklaas This is based on a very old “ganzenbord” from my grandmother. There must be 63 tiles. I used the same action tiles as the original to make this game balanced and fun.


Photobook Slovenia

27 augustus 2011

Holiday 2011. Created with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. It is printed by


My own style icon

2 juni 2009

For myself but also for my own LzzL Company I’ve designed a Style Icon.



22 april 2009

Created for a wedding.


LzzL my own ZZP company

7 april 2009

In 2009 I started my own company. Concept: To help people around me with small businesses to get them online with a WordPress Site.


Design Hero

16 december 2008

Created for Sinterklaas.


Led’s dance

22 februari 2008

Together with a friend participated in a bag design contest from China. We never got any feedback. Maybe the competition is still on?


Photobook Thailand

22 februari 2005

Photography is a hobby of mine and creating photobooks became a new one. This was the first time it was affordable to have a digital camera (not SLR yet).