Prototype Tools

9 november 2015

There is more than just Axure for some nice prototyping. Here is a list of the prototyping tools I have used: Axure, Just in mind, MeteorJS and quick peak at Balsamiq.


Photoshop CC 2015 – Artboards

22 juni 2015

Today I learned that Adobe Photoshop 2015 has Artboards just like Adobe Illustrator. I’m realy entousiastic about this. This is very useful for responsive designs.


Axure RP Pro 7.0

6 juni 2015

There it is, the new version of Axure. I’m very curious if the responsive update can compete against demos made in CSS. Time will tell and I will give an update as soon as I have played with it some more  (PRNewsFoto/

Salesforce CRM

24 maart 2015

Salesforce (SF) is CRM software we use to keep track of all i.a. bugs reported by the customers, support and sales. Bugs reported from this channel are the most important ones.

Team foundation

Backlog Knowledge in Team Foundation Server

24 oktober 2014

I maintain the backlog for my scrum team in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS). 


Portfolio with Foundation 5 and Brackets

30 juni 2014

I have created a page based on HTML5 and CSS3 with a UX portfolio from projects done round 2014. It took me one day to create basic structure using Foundation 5 and Brackets.


Snipping Tool

24 november 2013

Shocking as it may be but a few weeks ago a college told me about Windows Snipping Tool.