Wishlist under construction

9 november 2015

For a personal project, I’m currently working on a new family wishlist. The old one is getting really awkward on some devices and it is time for an update. My eldest brother takes care of the back-end and I’m taking care of the design, interaction design and front end.


Prototype Tools

9 november 2015

There is more than just Axure for some nice prototyping. Here is a list of the prototyping tools I have used: Axure, Just in mind, MeteorJS and quick peak at Balsamiq.


Do not scare the user

27 juli 2015

When a user deleted a file in StabiBASE Explorer the user had no good feedback what exactly happened with the items on the hard disk.


User Journeys a good start!

17 juli 2015

For the next phase of the Recesses project I created user journeys to discover the requirements and scope.


Determine the main and side issues

15 juli 2015

To properly see the difference between main and side issues is very important. The first most obvious solution is not always the right one. How do I determine the real problem?


Axure RP Pro 7.0

6 juni 2015

There it is, the new version of Axure. I’m very curious if the responsive update can compete against demos made in CSS. Time will tell and I will give an update as soon as I have played with it some more


Presentation to customers

6 juni 2015

We wanted to present the scope of a new project to other customers to see if the road we were planning on taking was correct.


New Equipment Project

30 januari 2015

New equipment was designed by me and implemented and created by the development teams. A new equipment is a 3D model that can be used in the 3D software StabiBASE for Revit.


Portfolio with Foundation 5 and Brackets

30 juni 2014

I have created a page based on HTML5 and CSS3 with a UX portfolio from projects done round 2014. It took me one day to create basic structure using Foundation 5 and Brackets.


Mital BV

24 juni 2013

Created WordPress Website for Mital BV.  Assignment for my own LzzL business.


First portfolio experiment

30 juni 2012

For my own company I’ve created some sort of portfolio page to show the customer who I was. This was in  2012 with Komodo Edit and CSS3.


LzzL my own ZZP company

7 april 2009

In 2009 I started my own company. Concept: To help people around me with small businesses to get them online with a WordPress Site.