New Equipment Project

By Lieselot, 30 januari 2015

New equipment was designed by me and implemented and created by the development teams. A new equipment is a 3D model that can be used in the 3D software StabiBASE for Revit.

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Some project like this one, require a more complete document before the team can develop this: Equipment Functional Design (FD).

When creating a new equipment, more teams are involved in order to make this in the software:

  1. Revit team (my team)
  2. Calculation Team
  3. Autocad team
  4. Content team

Which part is done as a Product Manager and which part is more an UX task? Below in very short terms described how an FD looks like. Lets use FD from combi boiler as example.

Product Manager

There are 5 important aspect to know before getting in to the details.

  1. Purpose:
    Needed to support calculation for heating & cooling module. A combi boiler that contain all possible connections.
  2. Scope:
    Combination boiler will be implemented in Revit & Autocad. This is a generated family.
  3. Requirements:
    The boiler will have hard-coded connection points, hard-coded connection length and unspecific connections points.
  4. Function of the equipment:
    Combination boiler is a combination of a boiler and water heater (heated by Gas)
  5. History in the software
    There are 5 boilers in AutoCAD end 3 in Revit.


  1. Representation
  2. Database requirements
  3. Connectors points and positions
  4. Software window content & parameters
  5. Menu position and icons