Prototype Tools

By Lieselot, 9 november 2015

There is more than just Axure for some nice prototyping. Here is a list of the prototyping tools I have used: Axure, Just in mind, MeteorJS and quick peak at Balsamiq.

This tool I’ve used a lot. Now with 7.0 and responsive it is still a good and solid tool but it can take a long time to create a demo/prototype. So depending on the job you might want to use a lighter, faster method.

Just in Mind
This tool is quite new for me. It is possible to create more complex interactions and is nice for presentations and demos. Very quick as well.

In a project for a big theater a colleague and I used Meteor to create a prototype. If you want to get a prototype that is so real that you can use it with users this is a good tool. Good for testing and almost the real deal to show the customers. A little bit of knowledge of JS and CSS might come in handy to create prototypes with this and setting this up can take a little bit of time.
ery fast tool for mockups and visualizing quick ideas. Similar in use as Just in mind  & Axure but perhaps a bit more IOS orientated. This is not free. Used the demo’s a couple of times but didn’t buy the software because of Axure.