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Salesforce CRM

By Lieselot, 24 maart 2015

Salesforce (SF) is CRM software we use to keep track of all i.a. bugs reported by the customers, support and sales. Bugs reported from this channel are the most important ones.

Every week the Team Leader of our team and myself as Product Manager/owner take a look at all the new bugs that were reported. For a good customer relation and a healthy product this is very important and must not be underestimated. The big role I have here is to take the decisions on priority and time available in the next sprint: how much time do we spend on Quality Issues and how much time on New Features?

Important guidelines I use is that new bugs are more important than old bugs. Also most new functions are based on bugs. So if you create Theme-Sprints with bugs and then new functions based on the same subject you can hit two birds with one stone.

For a better understanding of the status of the bugs I created a dashboard template in Salesforce with most important information graphics how many bugs are incoming and how many are fixed. Can we keep up? This dashboard can be copied by the other Teams.