Wishlist under construction

By Lieselot, 9 november 2015

For a personal project, I’m currently working on a new family wishlist. The old one is getting really awkward on some devices and it is time for an update. My eldest brother takes care of the back-end and I’m taking care of the design, interaction design and front end.

My youngest brother will help me with the more complex JS front end challenges.

Requirements & scope
First I’ve created a little document with requirements of the project and ideas. After this it was more clear for the back-end what was needed and my brother started working on this.


Interaction Design research
After the main wireframes were ready I did some more research about the more complex interaction design issues. What is nice and handy? I looked at some other apps and made some windows in Axure.

I’m still searching for the best solutions. For example the delete sliders like google did in the e-mail app are very intuitive but you need to know this is possible. A little tutorial popup can do the trick. If people are not used to swipe or are using a desktop this will be useless. So this is not main priority for the desktop version and a delete button can be sufficient here.

Material Design
In the meantime I have created a very simple flat design using googles material design. Because we are always in motion (agile!) the buttons in this design are already changed in the real html version.

Software and Methods
We are using wampserver for the repo. Github is used to upload the project. I’m using bootstrap for the css and node.js and gulp to upload my css changes. I’m using Komodo as editor. Adobe for Design and Axure for prototype sketches and UX ideas.

Online finished version
We are currently working on this. I will show some screenshots soon. Our goal is to have something live before Sinterklaas.